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Since our inception, DataGrid International is leveraging Big Data to improve infrastructure, planning and management, and human services as a system of systems – with the goal of making cities more desirable, livable, sustainable, and green.

We, the people, around the world have been providing data that impacts our daily lives and the world around us without using their mobile or electronic devices, even just simply walking on the streets. Living in a highly instrumented and digitally interconnected world has often blurred the boundary between the cyber and physical worlds.


This instrumentation and interconnection has resulted in the (real-time) availability of a wide range of information about cities, their physical infrastructure, services, and interactions between people.

Michael Ng
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Michael's profound experience in eco-friendly and energy-efficient streetlights brings a fresh and innovative mindset to Big Data in the city.

Steve Porter
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With over 13 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Steve has been in the forefront of delivering content catered to the user via data analytics.

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